The shoulder is undoubtedly the most complex part

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Trying to keep it square

Shoulder frame completed

Covering the frame

Gun boxes fitted...

...and level

This job's sent me grey!

It's worth it though

Gun boxes from the inside

Top collar added

Glue and bend

Detail placed between gun boxes

Lower inner collar in place

Blocks for lower outer collar

Lower outer collar filled...

...with expanding foam

Longer Slat sides cut out

Starting the construction

Side glued on

Other side glued on

Centre detail added

A stack of slats

Primed and ready

Adding the slats

Slats added

Gun box extensions added

Primer/filler applied

Detail retaining bolts added

Gun and arm back plates

Close up

Gun and arm fitted (inside)

Gun and arm fitted (outside)

Neck locating stud

Neck retaining magnet

Slats painted

Oops...Upside down!

Toughest bit done
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